5 Steps To A Successful Program

Step 1: Pre-program Questionnaire
This questionnaire is a very effective tool in helping Steve to fully understand your goals, expectations, and desired results for your program. You may download Steve’s pre-program questionnaire as either an MS Word document or Adobe PDF file. After completing the information, simply email, fax or mail to Steve. He will then set up a time to speak with you to discuss this information in full and ensure clarity.

Download the Pre-Program Questionnaire: Word or PDF

Step 2: Customization And Preparation
Steve customizes his programs to meet the specific needs of each audience. Many speakers define customization as inserting the “Name of the Company” into the blanks. Steve does not do this. You are paying for a professional speaker and have the right to demand a high level of customization at no extra charge.

Steve will contact key people such as top decision makers, committee members, company executives, and past attendees in order to gain a complete understanding of your audience, their greatest challenges, critical situations, industry developments, economic impact, and any other information deemed essential to customize your presentation.

Step 3: Deliver The Results
This is where you can sit back and relax with the calm assurance that you have hired a solid professional and dynamic speaker who delivers real results during his keynote, seminar or workshop. Steve is a master at delivering results to his audience. He understands that great results can only be achieved by teaching your audience definitive, step by step methods they can easily implement into their everyday lives.

Step 4: Executive Coaching With Senior Leadership
In order to establish maximum results for your organization, Steve offers the opportunity to take advantage of Executive Coaching for members of your Senior Leadership Team. Recent research indicates one-on-one coaching can increase long-term productivity by more than 88%.

As an add-on service, many of Steve’s clients participate in coaching sessions to assist your senior managers and leaders in rapidly applying the information and action steps they received during the keynote or seminar. This is the most effective way to fully engage the learning process and ensure that your organization receives the greatest possible return for your investment.

Step 5: Evaluate the Results
Following your event Steve will meet with you and/or your senior leadership team to discuss the program results and co-develop a long-term plan of action. This will greatly assist your organization leaders in guiding your audience members through the specific action steps necessary to ensure the results you expect for years to come.

Please note that all 5 of these steps are included in the price quoted to you, except Executive Coaching in Step 4.