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Master Training Center

 An On-Demand Business and Personal Development Training Library

Finally, life-changing information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
directly to your home or office in one amazing personal development library.

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The Master Training Center membership includes topics such as the ones listed below and so much more!

“A Roadmap to Success”  Do you have a roadmap taking you from where you are to where you want to go in your life, business and finances? In this training you will learn how to build a successful roadmap. Take action on your roadmap and you will be well on your way to success.

Developing Customers for Life It is important for all businesses to create loyal and repeat customers. Learn step by step directions to create customers for life.

Follow Up – Follow Up – Follow Up Proper follow up helps close more sales, receive more referrals and promote long term customer retention. Poor follow up can ruin a business. Join us as we explore specific strategies to make follow up a breeze.

Goals & Business Plans Goals & Business Plans made easy.

Hiring the Right Person People are the solution and people are the problem. Learn how to hire the right people for your team.

How to Easily Get Massive Referrals Referrals are very important to growing your business. Learn specific strategies to increase your referrals easily and consistently.

Networking with Intention Networking properly can result in higher paying jobs, more referrals and more business. This is critical for every sales person and business owner.

Powerful Win Win Negotiating Negotiating can make or lose you a fortune over your lifetime. Learn specific strategies and techniques to negotiate more effectively.

Profitable Presenting How much effort do you put into the details of your presentation? You communicate a lot about yourself in the details of how you present yourself and your product or service. Wouldn’t you like to subconsciously speak your value to your prospect?

Small Business Accounting from Setup to Strategy Learn how to streamline your Business Accounting and Maximize your Tax Deductions in this powerful training that EVERY Business Owner needs.

Smart Entity Selection This one single training is worth more than an entire years’ membership! Every Entrepreneur needs this important training.

The 6 Deadly Sins of Business This training will teach you how to avoid the 6 most costly mistakes that cause most businesses fail. Every Entrepreneur needs this training!

The Strategy of Preeminence

The Vital Importance of Momentum Positive momentum is critical to success. Negative or no momentum can kill a company, family or any entity. Learn how to gain momentum quickly.

Time Blocking Are you using your time effectively? Learn techniques to assist in this very important area.

Five Problems Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome To Thrive In This Economy  If you are an entrepreneur or a sales professional you must identify these issues and deal with them if you want to achieve massive success this next year.

The Power of Social Networking Learn how to unlock the Power of Social Networking and take your business to new heights of success!

Abundance Most people live with a mindset filled with lack. We become what we think about consistently. Learn step by step instructions to creating a mindset of abundance. Out of this mindset proper actions follow and positive results are close behind.

Habits and Patterns  What we do or do NOT do on a habitual basis determines what we experience on a consistent basis. You will learn step by step ways to create habits and rid yourself of old unproductive habits and patterns.

Positive Attitude  Do you feel a deep sigh of dread come on when you think about certain things like, setting the alarm to wake up in the morning, prospecting, paper work, paying bills, sales meetings, buyers, sellers, traffic, etc.? What do you say to yourself as you approach these or other activities? How about your day as a whole? What attitude do you approach your day with? What is your habitual attitude upon waking up everyday? Learn how to maintain a positive attitude throughout your day.

Affirmations  People unknowingly mentally and verbally comment on events in their life. Write down any negative phrases you know you’ve heard yourself say. The words we speak, both negative and positive, are more powerful than most people really understand. Change your words, change your life!

Balancing Your Life  Are you moving forward in all areas of your life? Do you make time for yourself or important relationships? Do you make time to exercise? In addition to business success do you focus on your financial success, family success etc? What areas of your life do you feel need more attention? How well are you balancing your life?

Breaking Through Roadblocks   Do you think there is something holding you back from more success? Do you allow fear and doubt to creep in and prevent you from taking action? Do you believe you require better skills or knowledge to move forward? Imagine what you could achieve if you learned how to break through your road blocks to success!

Time Management  You know if you have good time management skills. How do you feel? Rushed or Relaxed? Prompt or always late? Clean desk or piles of paperwork? Stressed or peaceful? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being ideal), make a mental assessment of how well you are doing managing your time and schedule.

Goals   Goals are one of the critical ingredients you must embrace to accomplish any worthwhile tasks. Do you have your goals in writing? Are they written in pencil? Are they SMART goals? Do you review the most important ones frequently? As you apply this foundational teaching on goals watch your dreams become reality.

Visualization   What do you worry about most? What if you could turn worrying into a positive visualization that actually helps you move away from a troublesome outcome and toward a desired outcome. What if you could feel empowered thinking about this topic, instead of stressed. Learn powerful visualization techniques.

Conflict & Confrontation Conflict & Confrontation are difficult for most people. Learn key strategies to deal with these issues in life and business.

Develop Confidence Learn how to Develop the Confidence you need for any situation. Confidence you can literally turn on like a light switch!

Effective and Dynamic Communication Please join CEO Steve Thornton as he trains on Effective and Dynamic Communication. Learning how to effectively communicate with others can sky-rocket your success!

Emotional Intelligence You’ve heard of an IQ, but what is your EQ or your EI? Listen to this outstanding training on how to control one’s emotions to bring about maximum success.

How to Breakthrough Fear & Unleash the Successful You Fear hinders us all from achieving the success we deserve. Learn specific strategies to break through fear.

How to Maximize the Telephone for Maximum Profit

How to Create Consistent Success

Managing Your Energy Learning how to effectively Manage Your Energy can lead to increased productivity and success. This training is power-packed with information you need to know.

Overcoming the Internal Challenges Regarding Money If you don’t have the money you want you may have internal roadblocks holding you back. Learn how to overcome the specific roadblocks that hinder many people from becoming wealthy.

Unleashing the Entreprenurial Warrior You’ve made the decision to work for yourself and do things your way.  That’s awesome.  So how are things going?  When others ask you that question, do you say “Great!”, but your facial expression and your bank account doesn’t reflect great?  Or perhaps you say “lousy” or “it’s slow due to the economy.”  Are you DONE once and for all with getting lackluster results in your business?  Or are you doing ok but have a strong desire to go to the next level, the level of thriving and true prosperity?  Do you really want to go to that level?  If your answer to any or all of these questions is Yes, then don’t miss this powerful training on how to connect to and unleash with the entrepreneurial warrior in you!

Eliminate Fear Doubt and Worry Negative emotions can hinder us from becoming all we can become and doing all we want to do. Join us as we explore why these emotions come up and how to eliminate them.

Continuous Motivation   Do you start out strong, inspired and motivated and find yourself becoming distracted, frustrated or discouraged. If so, please join us for this powerful webinar. You will leave with specific strategies to stay motivated and focused until you receive the victory.

Can You Pass the Success Test?   How will you score? Besides getting your success score, this training is a powerful review of what it takes to be successful. Are you ready to take it up a notch?

Discover The Secret To Overnight Success Can you go from struggling to success almost overnight? The answer is YES! There are two questions. Question #1 How do I do it? Question #2 Once you know the answer, will you use it?

Bottom Line  Do you know your net profit or loss last month? If so what was it? Do you know the percentage of growth or decline your business experiences from month to month or year to year? If so what are some recent numbers? Is experiencing financial independence part of your vision? This is a foundational area many business owners and sales people ignore. However, it can make or break your financial success.

Financial Blind Spots  Listen to this powerful training given by Lynn Spencer and learn about 3 Major Holes most people have in their finances that are draining their current and future wealth. Fix these areas and you will be well on your way to building true wealth!

Making Taxes Less Taxing Substantially Reducing or Eliminating Your 3 Biggest Monthly Expenses – Part 1 – Making Taxes Less Taxing

Closing  What is your closing ratio? Do you keep track? When did you last take time to train or learn about closing? Are you proactive in learning the trade of sales, especially closing? Do you have a system and feel comfortable asking for the business or do you dread it? Has closing become a natural part of your presentation? Do you practice your close before a presentation?

Overcoming Objections   What objections do you receive most often? Do you feel you handle objections well or do you wish you had a dependable method? What if you could eliminate some objections all together? How much do you think improving this one area alone could increase sales for your business?

Contact Management   How well do you manage your data base of active clients, inactive clients, prospects, and sphere of influence? Do you have a good system in place or is potential business being lost? Are you using a contact manager at all or using one to its fullest capabilities? Staying in touch regularly with people in your data base can yield many additional deals every year!

Power of Rapport  Ask yourself, have you ever considered how much rapport affects whether you get the sale or not? How is your skill or lack of rapport building skills affecting your income? Have you ever considered how understanding the method behind building rapport can dramatically affect the bottom line in your business? Do you believe you know how to establish rapport with someone? Let’s explore this important, yet often overlooked step in the sales process.

Quality Questions   Think about the following: Do you ask questions purely to get information or to guide your prospect through your sales process? Who benefits from the questions most, you or your prospect? Do you have a trusted method for questioning? Are you aware of the questions you ask yourself on a regular basis?

Breaking through the Fear of No Join us for this powerful training and learn how to eliminate the Fear of NO!

High Impact Questions for Sales People Remember asking the right questions leads to the right answers and to the right results.

How to Become a Superstar Sales Person Superstar salespeople are always in demand and earn far more than most people with no cap on their income. Learn how you too can become a Superstar salesperson.

How to Discover Your Prospects True Motivation When you know your prospects motivating factors you can help them make positive decisions much easier, resulting in more sales.

Visions   Visions are not goals. Learn the very distinct differences. Learn how to write a compelling Vision, how to get this Vision planted deep in your heart and the steps necessary to watching this Vision come to pass. We believe strongly that this is a foundational lesson that no one should miss.

Organizing Your Success   How much stress does being unorganized in your business cause you?  Getting organized might be easier than you think!

Power of Persistence  What goal do you wish you hadn’t given up on in the past? What will give you the tenacity to persist? Persistence is a critical ingredient in accomplishing most worthwhile tasks.

Creating Successful Expectations   See how “Expecting Your Success” can play a large part in Experiencing your success. This topic is so important we named our company after it.

 Included In “The Master Training Center”

  • New Cutting Edge Content added monthly.

  • Live Interviews with special guests. (Learn from other highly successful individuals.)

  • Access to the intense “40 Days To Prosperity” program.

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Peak Performance Small Group Coaching

 If you understand the value of coaching and training, you desire the camaraderie and support of your peers and you want to connect to other awesome success minded individuals, Peak Performance Small Group Coaching is for you.

Included in the Peak Performance Small Group Coaching Program


  • Master Training Center (Full Access)

  • Weekly live webinar with your small group.

  • Have your specific questions answered. (Don’t leave any stone unturned.)

  • Personalize the training for your individual need.

  • Learn from others’ on the webinar. (Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.)

  • Peer Accountability.

ONLY $129/mo

(Note: No long term commitment. Month to month program!)


Ask yourself if you……

  • are ready to produce a greater income
  • aren’t certain about the right next steps
  • need accountability to get things done
  • wish to develop an action plan – a blueprint for success
  • want to learn more about how social media and other technology can help your business
  • are looking for camaraderie and support
  • miss the company of peers and want to connect to other awesome business people
  • are ready to manage and control your business and keep it from controlling you.
  • are ready to manage and control yourself.
  • want to get clear on your niche (or niches) – Who are your clients? Who do you serve? A clear niche is a direct path to profits.
  • understand how to leverage social media, search engine optimization, and pay per click to bring customers and clients to your site.
  • want to identify opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other business owners to increase visibility and sales.
  • want to develop your marketing strategy and budget.
  • want to develop a concrete action plan for each level of success.
  • are ready to overcome your internals barriers to success.
  • need to create life and business visions and goals that matches your values and supports your dreams.
  • are ready to break through the limiting beliefs about you and your business. What’s stopping you from becoming your best?
  • are ready to explore your unique strengths and abilities as a businessperson, identifying areas for leverage and competitive advantage.
  • desire to create focus, increase productivity, and delegate-even on the tightest budget.

ONLY $129/mo

(Note: No long term commitment. Month to month program!)






Business Coaching

Serious about success? Our Private/Executive Business Coaching is the way to go.


Supercharge your business with the personalized attention and accountability that only One-on-One Coaching can offer. Tailor fit and execute your own step-by-step “Success Plan”. This Coaching Program is designed to help you achieve your desired income, ideal career path, and desired lifestyle as quickly as possible. This program is for people ready to breakthrough roadblocks and reach the next level of success.

 Our results have been nothing short of miraculous.

View our Powerful Coaching Guarantee!

We have several options available and we custom tailor the program to fit you. Contact us to find out more! Call 623-362-2900 or email us at or CLICK HERE and fill in your contact information and someone will contact you.